Little Bit Lavish November Wakey Wakey

Little Bit Lavish November Wakey Wakey

So you may have seen my unboxing and video of the latest Little Bit Lavish November Wakey Wakey box on my twitter or facebook…. If you have you’ll know I was once again really impressed with everything included.

Little Bit Lavish November Wakey Wakey

Everything that was picked for the Little Bit Lavish November Wakey Wakey box fits the theme perfectly. There was one particular item I couldn’t wait to try out…

Little Bit Lavish November Wakey Wakey

It was this invigorating shower steamer- I didn’t even know such a thing existed if I am honest. I love a bath to relax every now and again but normally I am a shower type of girl. Miss Patisserie has featured in a previous Little Bit Lavish box and I was happy to see them included again. The unicorn bath bomb included in the first box was amazing so I had high hopes for this.

Wake Shower Steamer can be used whole or broken up (I used half and that was plenty). The spearmint and peppermint is a perfect combination for waking up a none morning person like myself.

The RRP is £3.70 so about the same as bath bomb although you can get more than one use out of this.

There’s a lot of people who do not have or like baths so this really caters to niche nicely. As always Miss Patisserie is free from nasties and cruelty free.

Little Bit Lavish November Wakey Wakey

Evolve is another brand I have tried before thanks to Little Bit Lavish and now love. Citrus Blend Aromatic wash is new to me so I was looking forward to trying it out. It can be used as a shower gel or hand wash. I tried this out as a shower gel and loved the subtle lemon scent. The citrus smell is a refreshing scent to use in these cold mornings when it is so hard to get out of bed!

This 60ml size wash has a RRP of £4 and a little goes a long way.

Like all Evolve products it is organic and packed with natural ingredients.

Little Bit Lavish November Wakey Wakey

I have to admit to start with I thought this was just a nice little bowl and didn’t realise it was included for a specific reason..

The ceramic dish is by Megan Louise Ceramics and has a RRP of £5.50. It can be used as a nice trinket dish or to mix things as indended in this Little Bit Lavish box.

The extremely gentle scrub is by Skin & Tonic London. It is super fine so doesn’t feel harsh when being used. This can be as a scrub with water or added to some honey to make a face mask. The list of ingredients include rosehip so once used it really reminded me of Turkish delight- which I love!

The RRP for this is £9 and it is something I would happily buy again.

This is also cruelty free and organic so suitable for most people.

Little Bit Lavish November Wakey Wakey

There is another Turkish delight scented item this month and it is from Balm Balm. This is a face balm, I say that loosely as it is multi tasking. You can use this anywhere that needs some TLC and conditioning such as lips, elbows and hands.

This balm sinks in really quickly and is perfect to keep in your bag which is where I have put this.

The RRP for a 30ml size is £8.95. You do not need a lot so it will last quite a long time.

This is 100% organic and 100% natural.

Little Bit Lavish November Wakey Wakey

Lastly there was a Stoats raspberry and honey porridge oat bar that I ate quite quickly! I had not tried this one before but have bought more since it was that tasty.

Little Bit Lavish November Wakey Wakey

I loved the Little Bit Lavish November Wakey Wakey box. Everything is perfect for these cold and dark mornings. I never want to get out of bed when it is still dark outside but these treats have made it slightly easier.

What do you think of  this Little Bit Lavish November Wakey Wakey box? Does anyone else struggle with winter mornings? If you are tempted to get the next one you can get 10% off with the code LAVISHTAN.

Here’s the past Little Bit Lavish boxes, I have absolutely loved each one!

You can win a Little Bit Lavish box by following Tanned Beauty Addict and Little Bit Lavish on twitter and retweeting the pinned post. Good luck everyone xxx


Little Bit Lavish November Wakey Wakey

Closes on 17.12.2016 and the winner will be picked at random.


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  1. Really lovely box for cold winter mornings! Only thing I tried so far is that balmbalm balm & it’s really great 🙂

  2. The Little Bit Lavish November Wakey Wakey box looks great. I do struggle getting up in the winter so I set my alarm an hour before I plan on getting up I then have it set for half an hour before I am due to get up I then snooze 3 times every 10 minutes until I finally drag myself out of bed. This way I am never late it works for me lol

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