Lee Stafford Chopstick Curling Wand review 

I’ve heard a lot about the Lee Stafford chopstick curling wand and finally decided to buy it to test on my hard to style hair. In a nutshell I have long, fine and straight hair that doesn’t like doing anything but staying straight as a poker!

Lee Stafford Chopstick Curling Wand It might be hard to believe but this is my hair with volume… I’ve wanted curly hair for as long as I can remember. We all want the opposite of what we have don’t we?! Yes I did eat my crusts thinking I would get curly hair as a child…

Lee Stafford Chopstick Curling Wand Finally I decided to see if the Lee Stafford chopstick curling wand would work miracles on my stubborn hair. It’s £19.99 from Superdrug (so you can get points too) and I thought if it didn’t work I’d palm it off on my sister.

Lee Stafford Chopstick Curling Wand It’s quite a simple design with an on and off switch, indicator light and swivel cord. To be honest that’s all it needs really as a curling wand.

Lee Stafford Chopstick Curling Wand The wand itself is quite slim hence its name- chopstick curling wand/ chopstick styler.

I usually wash my hair roughly every four days so tested this out on day two. I didn’t use any products previous to trying this out.

Lee Stafford Chopstick Curling Wand This was taken at night hence the no makeup look. I wrapped quite small sections around the wand working my way from the bottom to the top. The hair unraveled from the wand quite easily thanks to the cord rotating. It took me about an hour and a half to do as I had break half way due to an achy arm… If you have shorter hair it wouldn’t take anywhere near as long though. One thing I would recommend that I didn’t have is heat gloves. It’s really hard to not touch the wand unless you don’t mind straight ends. As I didn’t have any gloves I did end up with about 5 burns on one hand (lesson learn- I have bought gloves now).

Lee Stafford Chopstick Curling Wand I didn’t brush through before I went to bed and here’s some close ups of my hair the next morning.

Lee Stafford Chopstick Curling Wand  I combed my hair with my fingers and then sprayed with some salt spray.

Lee Stafford Chopstick Curling Wand In the evening I had an event so I was really testing out staying power. These photos at the event were 24 hours after I’d originally curled it. I was impressed my hair was still curly as I wasn’t expecting it to last at all. I did need to give it quick comb through with my fingers a few times but that’s down to my hair being long so weighing it down.

Considering not even GHD curls stay in my hair longer than an hour I’m over the moon at how well this worked. Needless to say my sister won’t be getting this and will have to buy her own (sorry).

It staying curly right up until I washed it on day 5. If you struggle with getting curls to stay put like me I’d say this is really worth trying out. If you’d like to try it out you can get it here.

A tip to stop your hair being a pain to wash after curling is to brush with a Tangle Teezer or wide tooth comb. Start brushing from the bottom working your way up to the root so you don’t end up brushing knots on top of each other.

Have you tried Lee Stafford Chopstick Curling Wand before or have you got any recommendations for my poker straight hair?


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