Kiss Lashes and nails launch

Kiss Lashes and nails
I went along to a pamper night on Thursday at Soho Hotel to get my lashes and nails done which I of course looked forward to all week! This was my first experience with Kiss Lashes and nails.

Kiss Lashes and nailsI decided to get Ritzy lashes done although to be honest it was really hard to choose as they all looked lovely!

Here’s a few of the fabulous lashes that I had to decide between and the glue that was used- it’s amazing!

Kiss Lashes and nailsRitzy lashes are made from real hair making them feather light to wear. I love that they taper towards the ends making them blend with your natural lashes seamlessly. The band on these is extremely thin making them look really natural and easy to apply. I did notice that the Kiss glue dried quite fast. So unlike others I’ve tried there wasn’t the  impatient waiting a minute or two (I’m impatient what can I say).

Here’s some snaps of Aisha and Lee getting their lashes done- how stunning are these two beauties!?
Kiss Lashes and nails

Here’s a close up of Annie from Musings of a Makeup Junkie while having her lashes done.

Kiss Lashes and nailsI think I’m going to try out Daisy lashes tomorrow which are part of the Kiss Blooming Lash collection. This collection offers layered, multi-angle, full lashes. I’m loving the idea of layered lashes so looking forward to trying them out. If you are getting slightly jealous Kiss lashes are available at Boots and Superdrug.

As you can see we all loved our lashes!

Kiss Lashes and nailsNext up it was nails time… I opted for Kiss Nude Frech Nails.

Kiss Lashes and nailsThese are glue on nails that are thinner at the cuticle so look more natural than those that are a uniform thickness.

Everything you need is included in a set.

Kiss Lashes and nails If you prefer or need something more temporary then the imPress nails are also amazing. I’m going to be trying out these matte blue ones as soon as I can. The backing of the sticky part has a tab to make them even easier to apply.

Kiss Lashes and nails These nails are waterproof and last longer than other brands. When I think of stick on nails I remember nails that flick off after literally minutes! However I know that a friend has had hers on since Thursday without a mishap and has been complemented on them all day. So they are going strong nearly two days later.

The imPress nails are perfect if you want a quick look but perhaps need bare nails for work or because you like to change your look regularly. There’s always the Gel Fantasy nails, these come with both glue and adhesive tabs so you can choose. The Gel Fantasy nails come with stunning embellishment detail so are perfect for a night out or when you’re rushed.

All three types of nail sets have a range of styles and colours available.

Kiss Lashes and nailsI have to admit I’m a convert now and I’m really looking forward to trying out more Kiss lashes and nails. Keep an eye on my Instagram and Twitter to see what my next choices look like.

At the moment Kiss Lashes and nails are 3 for 2 in Superdrug so it’s a great time to try out a few. Personally I’ll be getting some Gel Fantasy nails.


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