June You Beauty Box review

June You Beauty Box was my first You Beauty box and I got it on the new subscribers offer of half price but usually it’s £6.95. 

June You Beauty BoxThe short list for June You Beauty Box was out of;

  • Kiko Blush 10g
  • Balance Me serum  7ml
  • Murad cleanser 30ml
  • Pro-Voke blonde shampoo 50ml
  • BareMinerals SkinLongevity 7.5ml
  • Ladival 150ml
  • Bubble balm 7g
  • Nails Inc Porchester Square 14ml

The extras in June You Beauty Box were a 3ml sachet of 50SPF Everyday Organics and a 20ml bottle of Kneipp Devils Claw back comfort.
June You Beauty Box
I picked the BareMinerals mini and Nails Inc as some other options were already out of stock. If I’m honest I struggled to pick things I’d use.
June You Beauty BoxI do like Nails inc but I have already got Porchester Square from TKMax and there was only one colour option. It’s not a problem though as it will get used. It’s a lovely light mushroom colour so goes with anything. RRP£11.20

June You Beauty Box

This was my second choice, I got this based on the fact that from the other options that were in stock it was the only thing I’d use or that I hadn’t tried. I’ve not got round to trying it yet but I will. I do have to say if anyone wants to try it BareMinerals are actually giving this out on counters currently. RRP£5.50 however is free on counters.

The Kneipp I’m afraid I really don’t like the smell at all but that’s a personal preference. I imagine there’s a lot of subscribers that will like that extra however. RRP£1.50

June You Beauty Box
The sunscreen sample is enough to cover a face so I’ll pop it in my bag for when I get caught out. This will come in quite useful on holiday.

So what do I think of my June You Beauty Box and will I carry on?

I paid roughly £3.50 and for that price I’m happy with this box purely based on the Nails Inc nail varnish.

However if I’d paid £6.95 I’m afraid to say I’d be really disappointed. That’s based on me previously buying Porchester Square for £4.99 and the BareMinerals being given out at counters.

I have canceled the rolling subscription as I’m afraid this box is not for me. If you are new to subscription boxes and don’t want to spend too much this box may be be right for you though. If you pick your items as soon as the options become available it can be great great value!

YBBHALF123 will get you a half price box.

Do you get this box? If you do what do you think of the June You Beauty Box?


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  1. That is a cheap box… Guess it doesn’t matter how cheap a box is though, if it’s a bit naff there’s no point staying with the subscription.

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