Jean Pierre Lip Mask review..💋

Anyone that follows me on Instagram  would have seen a picture of me part way through trying these moisturising lip masks…sorry for the scare!

I bought these from TKMax for £2 since the box wasn’t full, for a full box it’s £5.99.

Lip Mask What the box has to say:

This gel lip mask will moisturise and repair damaged lips. Infused with collagen, vitamins and minerals for lips that feel great and look plump.

So starting with the packaging, I love the postcard design that has been used and that’s what drew my attention if I’m honest.

Lip Mask This is what the individual lip masks look like. They feel like jelly so I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about leaving this on my lips for 15 minutes! What do they look like on though..?

Lip Mask No makeup I’m afraid so hope you are not scared easily.. I wanted to use a sheet mask afterwards so figured I might as well cleanse properly before hand. So here I am in my barefaced and hair slicked back glory with my massive glasses! No amount of filters will make this look any nicer ha ha.

So I left this lip mask on for 15 minutes as instructed. It felt exactly like I’d slapped cold jelly on my face. I say face because the mask is clearly bigger than my lips. Whilst on the sensation wasn’t horrible and I think I’d love a set of these on holiday after being out in the sun. There was a slight tingle for around 2 or 3 minutes but apart from that it was just sort of cold and wet-ish.

After removing and patting on remaining liquid my lips felt moisturised but didn’t look any plumper. I used my two lip masks two nights in a row to see if that helped at all but I didn’t see a difference when it came to plumpness.

Would I buy this lip mask again? I’m afraid I wouldn’t if it was plump lips I was after. However I would buy these if my lips needed a moisture boost or for holiday. There are plenty of alternative lip masks and you’ll find quite a few variations especially within Korean beauty brands. You may still be able to find these in your local TKMax if you want to try these ones.

Have you tried a lip mask like this before?  Xxx

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