Hourglass Lighting Edit Surreal Light

Hourglass Lighting Edit Surreal LightNow I know many of us are on the reserve list for this beauty and there’s been a lot of hype around the Hourglass Lighting Edit Surreal Light palette. So I was looking forward to trying it out.

It’s £69 and available to preorder from SpaceNK. This is a limited edition palette with 5 completely new shades.

Hourglass Lighting Edit Surreal Light paletteIt looks gorgeous doesn’t it?! Plus it’s marble!! The marble craze is still going strong and Hourglass haven’t missed a trick there.

I am on holiday when this is officially released so have reserved one in store. I got a chance to try out a tester to make sure I 100% wanted it. I’ll share my first impressions with you…Hourglass Lighting Edit Surreal Light

Hourglass Lighting Edit Surreal LightHourglass Lighting Edit Surreal Light 1)Surreal Effect 2)Surreal Glow 3)Strobe Light 4)Bronze Light 5)Surreal Light

I took a lot of photos of my swatches in different lighting as I hate to say it but two pans didn’t show very well… I have seen other swatches online and some look a lot more pigmented than this but I can only assume they have swatched quite heavily.

Blush Surreal Effect- I love this, it’s a gorgeous rosy pink and perfect for the apples of your cheeks.

Blush Surreal Glow- Also love this peach toned blush and it will be nice for a subtle blush on more natural days.

Strobe Powder Strobe Light- This is perfect for strobing/ highlighting and it’s a lovely golden tone without any heavy glitter that comes with some other brands.

Bronzer Bronze Light- Unfortunately you can barely see this on me it’s just not a deep enough colour.

Finishing Powder Surreal Light- As a finishing powder it’s not a surprise it’s hard to see on my swatches. I’d use it but not sure it would make a noticeable difference.

It’s worth remembering my inner arm is paler than my face so the bronzer would be even less noticeable if I used it.

So overall first impressions of the Hourglass Lighting Edit Surreal Light…. I love the packaging a lot! I’m also head over heels for the two blushers. The strobe powder would be lovely for a subtle look rather than see your highlight from the moon effect. The bronzer I’m not sold on yet, I really don’t want to say that because I love Hourglass. Lastly the finishing powder I’m undecided on as I think I’d use it but I’m not sure it would add much. For perspective I am 3W2 in Estée Lauder Doublewear. The Ambient Lighting palette is more pigmented overall I think but I’ll see how they compare side by side.

If you are lighter skinned I think this is a palette you really should try. Olive or tanned skin may struggle with this palette without really packing on the product. I can’t see this working on darker skin at all I’m afraid.

Will I still pick up my palette? Yes I will, mostly because I really want the two blushers! I’ll let you know how I get on once I’ve managed to try it out properly.

Have you reserved the Hourglass Lighting Edit Surreal Light or are you going to?


A few more photos for you…Hourglass Lighting Edit Surreal LightHourglass Lighting Edit Surreal LightHourglass Lighting Edit Surreal Light

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