Holiday toiletry essentials and checklist

Just like my holiday makeup essentials I tried to cut down on my toiletries to just take my holiday toiletry essentials as well…. Not only do I end up not using everything it weighs quite a bit too.

Holiday toiletry essentials and checklist I always use a good bag that can help minimise damage a leak can do if that were to happen. This one is quite sturdy with a zip around the middle. It opens in two and each side has sealed plastic sections. This particular one is by Happy Jackson. I absolutely love all of their cute slogans.

What do I pack for a week in the sun?

Holiday toiletry essentials and checklist If I have any suntan lotion samples I take them with me as they are great to throw in your bag if you go somewhere.

Personally I like to take a sheet mask as well and use halfway through the holiday. This particular one is a moisturise mask.
Holiday toiletry essentials and checklist If you go somewhere with mosquitoes or bitting bugs make sure you have some sort of repellent like Jungle Formula. For some reason I always get bitten so repellent really is part of my holiday toiletry essentials without a doubt.

Packing a set of new toothbrushes is something I do basically because I’m awful at remembering things. Previously I’ve forgotten to pack my toothbrush as you can’t do it till the last minute. I happened to have these mini Beverly Hills toothpastes so packed two.
Holiday toiletry essentials and checklist Whether you wear makeup or not on holiday you need to cleanse your face after all that lotion. I’m taking two big minis. One is Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean and the other is Ren Cleansing Water. If I wasn’t going to use makeup one would be plenty.

Avène thermal spray is a god send if you are going somewhere hot as it cools you down instantly.

Savlon is just one of those good all round things for any scrapes, cuts or bites.

Holiday toiletry essentials and checklist So like everything else my skincare has been condensed. There’s cult favourite Kiehl’s avocado eye cream because it can be used both day and night. Estée Lauder Nightwear night cream to boost my skin while I sleep. Estée Lauder Day Wear is something I always take because it sinks in quickly and has an SPF. I also always take a mini face mask or scrub and Estée Lauder Nightwear Plus is a lovely detox mask.

Holiday toiletry essentials and checklist Of course no holiday toiletry essentials list will be complete without sun factor, I know this looks like a lot but these are all small. That’s purely because if anything leaks there’s less damage plus they are easy to carry to around. You might know by now that I’m naturally tanned so don’t burn easily hence the low factors. My face always gets at least a factor 30 or higher.

Aftersun is like heaven in a bottle after a day in the sun so pop it in the fridge to make it even more cooling. Aftersun can be used in place of body moisturiser. My lipbalm also contains SPF but goes in my hand luggage. Holiday toiletry essentials and checklist Of course everyone takes deodorant away with them, I love this particular one because it works even when it’s boiling.

A lot of people forget about their hair when they go away but you should try use something. Charles Worthington does a nice Sunshine Spray specifically for being out in the hot weather. The other spray is a fizz spray which I don’t really get but it’s good for fly aways. Most of us ladies take a razor and this Gillette one comes in a handy container.

Now my other three items you don’t generally need to take as most hotels provide shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. The reason I bring them is just in case the ones provided are not very good.

I’ll also pack a tangle teeze which will go loose in my suitcase.

Here’s a list to make checking everything easier:

  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Insect repellent
  • Cleanser/ makeup remover
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Day moisturiser
  • Night moisturiser
  • Eye cream
  • Face mask or deep cleanser or exfoliater
  • Suitable sun lotion
  • After sun
  • Hair protection
  • Razor
  • Deodorant
  • Hairbrush
  • Optional- shampoo
  • Optional- conditioner
  • Optional- shower gel

Is there anything else that you think needs to be added to my holiday toiletry essentials  checklist ?


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  1. I love the bag, and once I flew away without a toothbrush and then when I landed I had to buy one in the airport they were so stupidly expensive! So I think it’s always good to keep some in a little bag like you do 🙂

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