How to fix a broken nail step by step

How to fix a broken nail was not something I ever wanted to find out about to be honest! The thought of it slightly turns my stomach..

However I got a bit careless whilst making chips and watching Netflix at the same time. This might be too much detail but I basically cut through my nail to my nail bed (not deep enough for the hospital don’t worry). It was too high up to clip and I didn’t want to risk snagging it- ouch!

I did clean my nail straight away and applied antiseptic to it for two day while keeping it loosely covered. This was so it could slightly heal. Please DO NOT do this on a fresh break or deep cut.

These are not the best photos so I am sorry in advance but it’s very hard to take photos one handed I discovered.How to fix a broken nail

If you decide you would like to try this out you will need;

  • Nail glue which is available from places such as Boots
  • An empty teabag (snip the top off and empty)
  • Sharp scissors
  • A good 4 sided nail file or similar
  • Cuticle stick
  • Optional- nail varnish

My nine photos above go left to right, top to bottom. So how to fix a broken nail like I did.

  1. If you have nail varnish on don’t try taking it off.. I promise you it will hurt like crazy!
  2. Make sure the area is clean like my first picture.
  3. Cut your teabag into small strips. It is up to you how many layers you do. I decided to do 3 layers because it was an awkward break.
  4. Make sure the strips fit in a similar way to in my picture 4.
  5. Apply glue to your nail break and lay the strip across smoothing down with your cuticle stick.
  6. Make sure you apply slightly further than the break.
  7. If like in my case the break goes to the end of you nail tuck some under your nail so there is no risk of catching it. Make sure it is glued under properly.
  8. Apply however many layers you have decided on like my pictures 7 and 8 which are my second and third layers.
  9. Let this this dry completely- really important! I left mine about 20 minutes.
  10. Very gently buff away the overhangs if there are any.
  11. Next I applied my nail varnish and topped with Seche Vite Top Coat (£8.99 in Superdrug)

I applied two coats and used Seche Vite so I could leave my nail to grow out. Hopefully my nail varnish will last until the break is long enough for me to cut my nail.

This is how I fixed my nail personally, while it might not be for everyone it really has worked for me. Its currently a week later and its still holding strong. Please do think about if you should get medical care before doing this.

That is how to fix a broken nail the same way I did. Do you think this was helpful at all?


Update. As you can see from my Instagram feed, over a week later my fixed nail is still going strong!


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  1. Next time I break my nail I am totally going to give this a go. Who would have thought a tea bag!? But it makes sense! Thanks for the tip xx

    Amina xx

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