Face mask obsession..

Evening lovelies, so I am a face mask addict especially sheet masks 💕.

Tonight I have used a Tony Moly cow face mask…what do you think?

Face mask   Face mask I love face masks especially Korean sheet masks! I have a reasonable stockpile at the moment…

Face mask Generally you leave Korean sheet masks on for roughly ten minutes then pat in the remaining liquid. I follow with a night moisturiser or a sleeping pack. All the masks I’ve tried leave my skin feeling fresh and improve my complexion even when I’ve had a few too many drinks the night before. I have got quite sensitive skin but have not had a reaction to any I’ve tried which I thought I might with certain ones like bee venom.  I really do feel like my makeup goes on amazingly well when I use sheet masks regularly which is always a good thing.

Basically if you’ve not tried any Korean sheet masks it’s something to put on your list of things to buy and try. Are you a fellow face mask addict?

Night night xxx

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