Creative Blogger Award after 17 days!

Good morning and happy Wednesday!

 Sheema has nominated me for The Creative Blogger Award very kindly (thank you). She has a really interesting blog, amazingly Sheema can speak 5 languages…just wow!
I’m excited and nervous to do this as my blog is still a baby at eighteen days old…💕. I’m going to do this hopefully quite lightheartedly so hope you enjoy it and don’t laugh at me too much.


Thank the person who nominated you for Creative Blogger Award and include a link to their blog.Share five facts about yourself.

Nominate 15 – 20 bloggers and add their links.
Notify the bloggers you included.
Keep the rules in your post.

Facts about me;
I’m literally addicted to Franks Hot Sauce…as in I can eat it on anything including scrambled egg or toast and no I’m not pregnant.

Creative Blogger Award Available at a Tesco somewhere near you 😉

Next fact has to be that at the age of 30 (plus one) I still have a fondness for dinosaurs and unicorns- strange I know. This results in everyone buying me dinosaur and unicorn everything for presents. I even have a dinosaur bathmat (it gets put away when visitors are round). Maybe I just don’t want to grow up yet?

Creative Blogger Award Yes I do have this, I got it for my birthday (Paperchase if you are jealous). 

This one some of you may find strange…glitter. It literally makes me cringe inside (and outside sometimes). It’s like chalk on a chalkboard to me. I can’t have anything glittery in my flat, it’s just not coming in sorry. Those glitter cards people send..just why? The feel of it to me is like industrial sandpaper 😭. Please no one send me any!

Creative Blogger Award This is how I seriously feel…

As many of my friends know all too well I absolutely love horror films. When I say I love them… I have to have a background light on and when something is about to happen and the suspenseful music comes on I watch through my fingers 😂. I want to watch it but just can’t apart from out the corner of my eye through my hand or a blanket! Afterwards I’ll generally say what a great film it was despite the fact I hid in all the scary parts like a massive girl pants…

 Maybe I need one of these to help me out?

A fear that I never grew out of..the dark 👀. When I’m on my own I still have to have a light on somewhere even if it’s a nightlight in the hall. Before I go to bed I’ll check all the cupboards and under the bed- because clearly someone has managed to walk straight past me and got under there without me seeing (like the bogeyman). The unreasonable part of me will also make sure no blankets are over the edge of the bed 🙈. Please tell me I’m not the only one…?

 I’d like to nominate the following for the Creative Blogger Award:
Well I hope you at least had a small chuckle at those randoms facts about me in my Creative Blogger Award post 😂. Have a great day xx

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      1. Yes totally loving your blog fantastic read well done but gosh u are such a enabler I can see my bank balance twindling away

  1. Oh my goodness, I really loved reading through the facts.. So much fun! So true, I have to have lighting on in some way or another at night, it’s only now that I’m getting used to not having it on (so I say!) 😬 Thank goodness for those fairy light! Lol P.s I love unicorns too, something so magical about them! Thank you so much for the lovely kind words hun and many congrats for the nomination again!😘 Xxx

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