Comparing different makeup sponges including Beauty Blender and Real Techniques sponges. 

I love using my Beauty Blender and I’m always open to a good dupe so thought I’d do a quick review as I know some people never know which to go for. There really are so many different options to choose from it can be a bit of a mine field  trying to figure out which ones work well. As you’ll see splurging on a makeup sponge doesn’t mean it’s going to be a great product.

I’m basing my reviews on how good each sponge is at applying a base. I bought all these sponges myself so I’m not bias in any way. Beauty Blender
I’ve managed to get quite a collection from different brands as you can see! I’m going to rate them out of 10 for how well they perform at applying a base. As a side note I use Estée Lauder Double Wear so it’s hard to get off any beauty tool!

Beauty Blender I’ll start with the original which is the Beauty Blender. I should say both of these need replacing but I keep forgetting to buy new ones hence them being slightly stained.

So a Beauty Blender will double in size one soaked amd get a lot softer. After squeezing out the excess water I apply my foundation in a stippling motion. I find these incredibly easy to use and my foundation goes on flawlessly. The point is great for round your eyes and the round end is great for the rest of your face.  It takes me less that two minutes to get my base done using this.

I’ve had these two three months now so have lasted well. These dry really fast a after cleaning which is a really good thing. They retail for between £14 and £16 and are available from a lot of shops such as Beauty Bay, Boots, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges. Do not be tempted to get these from EBay as I’ve yet to find a stockist that sells the real thing.  10/10

Beauty Blender  So the sponge on the right is from My Little Box and is really hard. It doesn’t expand if you wet it. For foundation this doesn’t do the job well at all as it just won’t blend. Because this is so hard it’s not easy to use the pointed end so I stuck with the rounded side (I found this with the Primark one too). It was really hard to stipple with this sponge. I just use this for highlight or tidying makeup. 2/10

The sponge on the left is from Primark and I think it was a £1. I’ve got to be brutal here and say it’s pants. It doesn’t expand and also took ages to dry out which is not what you want at all. It is cheap so if you just want a tidying up sponge maybe go for this. It won’t however give you a flawless finish if you use it for your foundation. Again stippling was hard work. 2/10

Beauty Blender Next up is the Dior Backstage Blender which is £12. This is available direct online or at some Dior counters. I really wanted to like this as it is slightly cheaper that the Beauty Blender. However I was left really disappointed, it doesn’t match up to its price or what I’d expect from Dior. It swells slightly when wet but not a lot and it takes a while to dry as its so dense. It fairs better than the previous two but again is not as easy to use as the original beauty blender. It’s just not soft enough to give that flawless finish I expect. I’d use this as a backup begrudgingly. 5/10

Beauty Blender Remember what I said about Beauty Blender fakes from EBay? These are 3 fake versions of the micro sponges. They feel the same as the Primark sponges and nothing like the micro Beauty Blenders that I have. They a solid and don’t blend concealer well at all they strangely seemed to soak up product rather than blending. The saying, buy cheap buy twice applies here. 1/10
Beauty Blender Lastly I have two Real Techniques makeup sponges. The original is £5.99 and the diamond version is £12.99. I’ve used both and there isn’t a real difference in texture between the two although the diamond is better for around the eyes etc.

Both have different ways you can hold them to apply your makeup in different areas such round your eyes or nose. These both expand once the have been wet and become really soft to use. When it comes to applying foundation these do work really well and do give a flawless foundation finish. These are easy to stipple with and use generally.

The only downside when comparing to the Beauty Blender is they don’t dry as fast. I’m not sure why but I found my orange blender didn’t last much longer than 6 weeks ish but then it’s a great price. These are however a great alternative if the original is slightly too expensive for you. 8/10

So over all the original Beauty Blender remains the best makeup sponge out there in my opinion. However the Real Techniques is a really close second and if I was on a budget I’d get the Real Techniques.

Have you tried any of these? If so what do you think? Xxx

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  1. Buying my sponge later! Great comparison and I found that with my cheaper ebay ones they weren’t as squidgy if that makes sense? Less bouncy and didn’t go back to shape as quickly. I’m attracted to the marble one because I think the different facets will work really on different parts of the face. Great review xx

    1. Thank you lovely. I think the diamond is really new in the past week so that might be why? There’s nothing so far that compares to the original BB but the RT ones are giving it really good competition bonus that it’s great value at half the price. Xx

  2. Hello my little tanned friend 🙂
    This is a fantastic and really interesting and informative post.
    I have always wondered what is the difference in the sponges plus what the e-bay ones were like.
    Ps I think the diamond one is super pretty lol x

    1. Hey you :-), I really did expect more from Dior as I think you can tell…. If you’ve not tried one before I’d say try the orange RT one to see if you even like using a sponge. I do agree though the diamond is super pretty- I made sure I cleaned it really well after using it! So glad you found it helpful. Xxx

    1. What have you tried? My normal go to is Dr Bronner. You get a massive 473ml for about £8.99 and it’s organic. Or I use the Beauty Blender solid if I’ve bought a set. I do clean them after I’ve them so that may make a difference. Xxx

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