Christian Dior Confettis Polka Dots nail manicure kit  review 💅🏽

Hope you are all having a fabulous week? The Christian Dior Confettis Polka Dots collection is one collection I had to try out.

When I saw a preview for Christian Dior Confettis Polka Dots manicure collection I knew needed a set! There are three duo sets, one is a pink and purple set and the other is a blue and cream set.

Christian Dior Confettis Polka Dots I bought the peach and coral set as I will use these these colours independently as well as together.

Christian Dior Confettis Polka Dots Everything you need is included in the set. You pick which ever base you want to use and I found two coats gave a good coverage.

I have to say I was surprised how fast this dried, I hate it when a varnish takes ages to dry. Once dry you put a drop of varnish on some card (I used the laminated instruction card). Using the dotter you literally dip in the drop of varnish and dot your nails to your taste. If you dot lightly you’ll get small dots and larger ones with a heavy hand. I need to mention that they apply extremely smoothly and are really easy to work with. Whilst dotting I cleaned off the dotter after every second or third nail.

I coated my nails with Deborah Lippmann topcoat and got about 6 days without chipping.

Christian Dior Confettis Polka Dots These colours are perfect for summer and to take on holiday. Each varnish is 7ml so you get 14ml and a nail art dotter for £23.50. These are available from House of Frasier and other large department stores. Do hurry if these take your fancy as they are selling quickly.

What do you think of the Christian Dior Confettis Polka Dots? Are you tempted to get a set? Xxx

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