Bloggers Fabulous Tiki Party! 

So I was invited to a tiki party by Kirsty Leanne at the very fitting venue that was Island Bar in Birmingham a short while ago.

I really did have a lovely day and it was amazing to meet so many lovely brands and fellow bloggers. It’s a great way to connect face to face in the age of the Internet when most engagement is done virtually.

So it was after all a tiki theme so I did have a few cocktails starting with a refreshing piña colada (rude not to)!

There were some amazing brands at the tiki party as I mentioned. Such as Little Bit Lavish who provided some luscious boxes which included a unicorn hoof! Nothing But Snack provided the amazing bags and done gorgeous treats so I recommend checking them out. I did a video here of me using the bath bomb from Little Bit Lavish. Honestly it was like a little rainbow zooming around! My post all about this great box is here.

tiki partyI also managed to talk to Heaven Skincare who really knew their stuff and matched my skin type up with some products for me to try out. One of which was this Silver Bee Venom Mask, I was also given a BB cream to try out so watch out for reviews of these.

tiki partyIf you are tempted by this brand one thing I do know is amazing is the hand cream! I really recommend having a look at their range from what I’ve seen and tried I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

tiki partyLove Aroma was another great company I had a chat with. I’ve actually seen one of their shops when shopping and it always smells really nice when I go past. They stock a range of brands and items which include Lily-Flame and Boujies London which do some gorgeous candles. At the moment there is 50% off (clearly I’ve already been and picked some things up)!

tiki party
Now Lipivir is a brand I’ve heard of before from going to The Bloggers Ball. It’s a product that works to prevent cold sores although from what I’ve heard it’s also a great product to use whilst you already have them or are first getting signs. I don’t have any but will happily be using this as a preventive under my lipstick.

Inside my fabulous tiki party bag that Kirsty gave me was a massive selection of treats- too many to list and I haven’t tried everything yet. So far I’ve tried some Yushoi snacks that I’m now addicted to! Super Treats, Nothing But SnackTasty Little NumbersMoma porridge and an Early Bird snack box are the other ones I have managed to try and I’ve loved them all especially the Moma porridge which was so delicious. 

As you can see from my photo I have a lot to work though (blogger heaven), but I did do a live unboxing here so you can see absolutely all the things that were in my cute bag. There are some amazing things from Paul MitchellDinki Belle, PenguinPercolSugar & Crumbs and That Lame Company to name just a few.

I’ll find out who the bags were done by and pop a link here for you are they are a great idea for any event aren’t they? (Update these were given by Nothing But Snack so massive thank you to them)

Lastly I was lucky enough to win two prizes! One of which was this amazing hamper from Neal’s Yard….

So a massive thank you Kirsty for inviting me as I had a fantastic afternoon and organising such a great tiki party event. Xxx

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  1. Your prize looks lush. I’ve got my eye on that Neal’s Yard wild rose beauty balm! Let me know if it’s any good! X

    Amina xx

  2. I would have loved this! I haven’t been anywhere fun like this, you’re so lucky! Great photos and great post! x

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