Benefit new brow collection review including Gimme Brow, Ready Set Brow, Ka Brow and Goof Proof 

Benefit new brow collectionSo this is a review of the Benefit new brow collection including Gimme Brow, Ready Set Brow, Ka Brow and Goof Proof. I have 4  Benefit Brow products here to give you a look at part of the collection and let you know what I think. There are now 20 brow products available and the shades available have now been extended which is great news!

Benefit new brow collectionFirst up lets talk brow pencils. The Benefit new brow collection includes a product called Goof Proof and I’m intrigued. This particular one is in shade 6 and is the darkest. There are 6 shades in total. It’s a turn up pencil that’s angled to make it easier to be precise when defining your brows as well as easy to fill in.

I do like this product but I’m generally a gel/ dip brow girl. sometimes I use pencil on lazy days though so will get use out of this. It lasted all day without fading when I tested it out. This is £18.50 and there is a spoolie on the end which is always useful. Usually pencils are either rounded or literally like a pencil so I do like the unique angles on this.

I would buy this in the future but perhaps I’d go for shade 5 as 6 is a tiny bit on the dark side for me.

Benefit new brow collectionNext up is from the Benefit new brow collection is Gimme Brow, this is a fibre volumising brow gel. This is available in 3 shades as far as I can tell and is priced at £18.50. I do think this product is good but I’m not entirely sure that I think it’s any better then its predecessor or my L’Oreal brow plumper which is priced at £5.99.

The verdict is out on this one still as even the applicators are very similar. For now I’ll be sticking with my L’Oreal.

UPDATE: I used this while away on holiday and fell in love with it.

Benefit new brow collectionMoving onto to Ka Brow, this is my usual everyday type of product as a dip brow product. It’s priced at £18.50 for 3g and comes complete with an angled brush. Now I would usually use Anastasia Beverly Hills which is £15 for 4g but doesn’t come with a brush. I did really like Ka Brow and it lasts incredibly well but so does ABH. I’m torn on this about which I think is best as I think they are both very similar. I may have to give this another go.

One thing Benefit does have over ABH is that it’s sold in stores so it’s much easier to get the right shade. ABH is online only so it can be a bit of guess work. This is available in 6 shades. I can see this being a good ABH alternative for those that like to test products out first.

Benefit new brow collectionMy final product from the Benefit new brow collection is Ready, Set, Brow. It’s a clear setting gel that keeps your brows in place. Now I have to say one thing I did notice was the lack of crispy brows when I used this. I’m quite sure you know exactly what I mean… The applicator has longer and shorter bristles for precision on each side.

This product is £18.50 and dare I say it…it’s worth buying. Yes I know it’s a only a clear gel but it’s not crispy! A lot of other clear brow products I’ve used leave a stiff crisp feel so I’m impressed. It kept my brows in place without looking or feeling like they were crackling on my face.

This product is worth trying out if you are looking for a clear brow gel.

Benefit new brow collectionAll in all out of the 4 products I quite liked and would likely buy 3 of them. I’m just not blown away by Gimme Brow I’m afraid.

Have you tried anything from the new Benefit new brow collection range yet? If you have then what did you think? Xxx

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  1. I have these brows that l never liked, having them tatooed is not an option,thanks so much for your review,well explained and easy to understand,

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