HOLIKA HOLIKA Baby Silky Foot one shot peeling review…

This post is about HOLIKA HOLIKA Baby Silky Foot- WARNING!!! Please do not scroll down if you are squeamish this post is about a foot peel!

Right well, you’ve been warned now so this is my experience of HOLIKA HOLIKA Baby Silky Foot one shot peeling.

Everything I need was provided in my box..

HOLIKA HOLIKA Baby Silky Foot Included was a pair of booties and two packs- one for each foot. The instructions included are extremely simple so I did do a bit of research prior to trying these my first time which was a few months ago. I know from experience that having a foot soak first does enhance the end results. I had a good fifteen minute foot soak then patted them dry. Next I rubbed the top of my feet and ankles with petroleum jelly. This is to stop any peeling that might occur in those areas. Then I was ready to start!

You’ll see from pictures I used that I did everything over a mat, that was just in case I made a mess as I’m overly clumsy.

HOLIKA HOLIKA Baby Silky Foot On went the booties, one sachet was poured in each foot then I tied them up. These HOLIKA HOLIKA Baby Silky Foot ones need to be on for one and a half hours so I had my snacks and coffee ready with Netflix. My preference is to put a pair of socks over them to stop me slipping about when I need to get up and it apparently helps the process  (thanks Google).

If I’m honest it feels like I imagine wet nappies would feel like if for some reason you put them on your feet. So they feel cool, damp and rather strange but not absolutely horrendous. I easily managed an hour and a half thanks to watching two episodes of Whitechapel. Once the time was roughly up I washed each foot and patted dry then put some fluffy socks on.

It took two days for me to notice a change this time round. I had spent the whole day on my feet wearing boots and when I got home I was horrified once I took my socks off! I feel I should say at no point did my feet feel uncomfortable during the day or irritated. Below are my feet on day two….(day one being the day after I’d used the booties). You ready…?

HOLIKA HOLIKA Baby Silky Foot   HOLIKA HOLIKA Baby Silky Foot I really did not want to put these pictures up at all but I know I’d want to see if they worked or not if I was reading. If you do this however tempting it is please do not peel the skin as some parts might not be ready yet. As you can see the middle of my foot hadn’t started yet. By day three the middle of my foot caught up as you can see below. Honestly it looked like a snake had moved into my socks and shed its skin!

Again I really need to stress please do not be tempted to peel your feet. I know someone that did and ended up with quite sore feet.
HOLIKA HOLIKA Baby Silky Foot It took about a week for the main peeling to do its job but it can take longer and will be different for everyone. I avoided moisturising my feet throughout this period and didn’t use my pumice stone either. After the main peeling finished I started back up with my pumice stone routine in the mornings and a few days later all the peeling had finished.

For me from start to finish it was less than two weeks, this will vary person to person. My feet were incredibly soft post peeling and I do completely think it’s worth doing. You shouldn’t use more frequently then once every six weeks at the very most.

There are various different versions available from Boots, Amazon and K-Beauty stockists. If you are lucky like I was you may find some in TKMax where I paid £4.99.

Would I use HOLIKA HOLIKA Baby Silky Foot again? Yes without about a doubt especially with flip flop season almost upon us!

Hope you were not too disgusted with my review? If you’ve tried these before how did you find them?


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  1. Ok so I take that back!
    Yes exactly the same one, but it is today 7 days later and they are just starting to peel slightly, just as the sun makes a appearance 😬🙈😂

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