Friction Free Shaving to the rescue!

I attended the Friction Free Shaving event last week and I have to say was really impressed! The whole event was so much fun and really informative. So this is a shaving subscription box that starts at just £3 a month!  I’m genuinely thrilled by the price ladies! I have got the Samantha here. How gorgeous is this razor 💞 this particular […]


An afternoon with Kiehl’s

Before I tell you about an afternoon with Kiehl’s how about some details about the brand? So a bit about this iconic brand…it all started in 1851 at Pear Tree Corner. In 1984 the brand Kiehl’s was born when apprentice John Kiehl purchased Brunswick Apotheke and renamed it Kiehl’s Pharmacy. From there it carried on growing adding a recycle and […]


Creative Blogger Award after 17 days!

Good morning and happy Wednesday!  Sheema has nominated me for The Creative Blogger Award very kindly (thank you). She has a really interesting blog, amazingly Sheema can speak 5 languages…just wow! I’m excited and nervous to do this as my blog is still a baby at eighteen days old…💕. I’m going to do this hopefully quite lightheartedly so hope you enjoy […]


Losing my MUG virginity…

It happened… I not only got my first MUG/ Makeup Geek pan I got a whole set of them! Excited is not the word after hearing so many great things! I secretly (not so secretly now) love animal print so of course went for an animal print pallette from BeautyBay….  …how gorgeous is this?! I settled on MUG colours I […]


BH Carli Baybel and why you should…

Well because it’s amazing and the price is crazy cheap!  You get a lot for your money with this BH Carli Baybel and won’t be disappointed with the product either. The set includes four highlights and ten shadows of which four of those can be used to highlight as well. This is a great all rounder especially if you are […]


Ciate Olivia Palermo golden delights 

I couldn’t not share these beauties by Ciate Olivia Palermo with you all! How amazing and eye catching is the packaging to start with..?! It looks luxurious before I even start swatching it all. I honestly just want to have them on a little display 💕. After I got over how amazing the Ciate Olivia Palermo golden packaging is I finally decided […]


Sisley the grown up version of a 90’s cucumber peel 

It’s official, I’ve found another holy grail item! Sisley gentle facial buffing cream is the product I’ve been raving about to anyone and everyone since I’ve tried it out. I decided to use it a few times before doing a review to see if my skin would throw a tantrum…the opposite happened in fact.  My sensitive skin loves it!  Let’s face it […]